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Buy a PSP, get Chains of Olympus or LocoRoco 2 free at GameStop


if you've yet to nab yourself a PSP -- or if you're looking for an excuse to upgrade to a PSP-3000 -- GameStop just might have a deal for you. Right now, if you buy a new PSP system, you can snag either God of War: Chains of Olympus or LocoRoco 2 for free. Granted, both games only cost around $20 anyway, but a free game is a free game. The offer is available in-store or online (use the code FREEGOW). Our local GameStop stated that the offer was only good for the core system, though it looked like the discount was being applied when we put a Dissidia bundle into our cart on (attempt at your own risk).

The offer ends on May 21 (this Thursday), so you'd best be snappy if this deal is for you.

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