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Do-it-yourself wireless tethering for your DSLR


You know what kinds of projects we especially love? The kind that save you seven hundred bucks, for starters. That was photographer and bon vivant Pete Tsai's inspiration when he bought a $40 wireless USB dongle, a AA battery pack, and an angled USB adapter, with the idea of using it to tether his Nikon D300 to his laptop. According to the modster, Nikon's Camera Control 2 software doesn't seem to have any problem with the device, and the whole setup offers "very fast" transfers (about four seconds for a fine Jpeg, or eight seconds for RAW+ fine). Apparently this bad boy more than does the job of a Nikon's WT-4a wireless transmitter, which sells at around $800. Are you a photographer on a budget? Hit that read link for all the red hot details.

[Via Wired]

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