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Slim PS3 update: mysterious Chinese firm issues a cease and desist... to Engadget


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You know, one of these days, someone at one of these big companies is going to get this right. If you send a cease and desist about "leaked" photos of a supposed device, you're basically saying, "Hey guys, those pictures are real." Now, we can't tell you with 100 percent assurance that that's the case when it comes to those factory pics of rubber-gloved hands all over an apparently-new PS3 hardware design, but it doesn't help anyone's case when a Chinese company sends your Japanese wing a takedown notice. Keep in mind, since this thing isn't from Sony, we can't really be sure that it's the real deal, but we'll be honest -- things are starting to look mighty suspicious. Text of one of the charming messages after the break. We'll pause for comment now.

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Dear Sir,

We just find that the following web pages on your website contain some
confidential document and photos, which were highly possibly illegally
released and posted:


We are investigating this violation and will bring all necessary legal
actions regarding this matter. In order to protect the confidential
information and prevent you from further legal issues and
infringements, please immediately remove those pages and keep our
request confidential. If you have any question regarding this issue,
please feel free to contact us.

Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.

Best regards

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