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SlySoft working on user friendly Blu-ray player software

Ben Drawbaugh

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There is no shortage of Blu-ray playback software for Windows, but most of it can be pretty annoying. Assuming you even have all the HDCP compliant hardware to use it, it is still pretty limited in regards to audio capabilities and then worst of all, there is all the forced video like previews and legal warnings. Lucky for us the AACS LA's worst nightmare, SlySoft, has plans to make Blu-ray playback on a computer even less painful. While AnyDVD already allows you to playback Blu-ray Discs on non-HDCP complaint hardware, in addition this should let you output uncompressed PCM audio via HDMI without the protected path that is only available in very expensive audio cards. It would also let you disable BDJ and skip straight to the start of a movie -- possibly even resuming BDJ discs. And our personal favorite is the ability to skip those annoying legal warning, of which we are actually close to reciting the one in French because we've read it so many times. No word on availability but at free, the price is right. While SlySoft is working so hard, we'd also like some Mac software to help ease Apple users' "bag of hurt."

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