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Snoozy the Sloth is a breathing, napping toy after our own hearts

Laura June

You know what would have been awesome to have as a toy when we were growing up? Not a baby to swaddle and feed, or a Barbie doll to dress up and imagine careers for, or a fake pet to worry about neglecting. No, we'd have preferred Snoozy the Sloth, who merely breathes and take naps with you when you cuddle him. The sloth's epic simplicity -- a plush toy with Arduino guts and a 2 DC motor diaphragm to pump the air in his "lungs" -- makes him a perfect companion for our downtime. Created by Justin Blinder for a toy-making class at Parsons The New School for Design, Snoozy is merely a prototype, but we really hope the toy industry is watching: they could learn a lot, in our sleepy, sleepy opinion. There's a video of him napping after the break (and hit the read link for a shorter one of his innards). Yawn.

[Via Gizmodo, thanks, Jesse]

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