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Blood of Bahamut gets dated for Japan

Square Enix news continues in full force today with word (via Kotaku) that Blood of Bahamut has been given a release date for Japan. The Nintendo DS title is expected to ship on August 6.

Blood of Bahamut is a four-player action RPG set in a city constructed on the back of a giant creature, cleverly named Gigant. Characters are presented in 2D, battling it out in a 3D environment. One of the game's many directors is future Square Enix legend Motomu Toriyama, whose previous work includes planning for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, as well as event directing for Final Fantasy X.

Also, while the game is looking better every time we see it, it still pales in comparison to the incredibly rad artwork Square Enix is using to promote the game. Or as we like to call it, "Future wall scroll."


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