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Onkyo outs audio-centric components in Japan

Steven Kim

Onkyo just loves to make new product announcements in batches, and the latest press volley is no exception. Planned for release next month in Japan are the 2.1-channel HTX-11X system, CR-D2LTD CD mini-system with matched D-112EXLTD bookshelf speakers, A-5VL Class D integrated amplifier, and C-S5VL thin SACD deck. Even if the model names don't exactly roll off the tongue, the machine translations tell you most of what you need to know. Here's a quick rundown: the HTX-11X matches up the stereo pair of bookshelf speakers with the amplifier buried in the subwoofer cabinet to the tune of 35-Watts to the sub itself and 17-Watts across each of the 5 remaining taps; if you're putting together something for your executive office, the CR-D2LTD mini-system paired up with the D-112EXLTD speakers will handle your CDs and FM radio; and audiophiles looking to roll their own might find something to like in the 80-mm thin C-S5VL SACD deck and 40-Watt A-5VL Class D integrated amplifier. If you're planning on doing some shopping in Akihabara soon, go past the break for pretty pics and hit the links for the full details.

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