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WoW Moviewatch: Holy Priest PvP!


It took me a few minutes to get this joke. But once I did, I laughed. While this is certainly outside the normal operating procedure for Moviewatch, the Holy Priest PvP succeeded in making me literally "laugh out loud." As a result, I thought it was a must-see for many of our loyal audience.

I was, at first, skeptical of the accuracy with which the author portrayed the Holy Priest experience. Borrowing a friend's account, I immediately loaded up Warsong Gulch and proceeded to rock out. I must assure you, gentle Moviewatcher, that X2oph was loyal to the actual play style.

Ultimately, though, I think the movie didn't need to be quite as long as it was. The soundtrack was well chosen, since it help keep the "feel" of the video lighthearted. However, once you "get" the joke, I think the movie has delivered its payload. Brevity can be the heart of wit, as they say.

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