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LG's LH55 series of 1080p, 240Hz LCDs now shipping

Tim Stevens

Remember all those LCDs LG flooded us with at CES earlier this year? Another set of them is shipping, the LH55 models in sizes ranging from 37- to 55-inches. These don't have any of the fancy internet connectivity or wireless HDMI tricks offered by some of the company's more flash sets, but all offer 1080p resolutions at TruMotion 240Hz refresh rates, 80,000:1 contrast ratios, and other niceties like auto-calibration and Clear Voice II, which pledges to ensure dialogue doesn't get washed out by heavyhanded soundtracks. They're all Energy Star 3.0 certified, too, so you'll feel a little more green while watching that Discovery Earth Blu-ray on a television that's almost five feet on the diagonal. MSRPs range from $1,399 up to $3,899, so get bargain hunting.

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