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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ shows off its ultimate deck


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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ is ready to reveal the plastic peripheral that'll take up your precious living room real estate. The Numark-designed deck will certainly keep wannabe game DJs quibbling whether it's better than DJ Hero's deck.

The Numark deck features a free-spinning, touch sensitive turntable (uh, the thing on the left in the photo) and a crossfader with 5 Akai Pro MPC-style drum pads, allowing players to trigger samples -- you know, just like real DJs. Players can use one of the 60 samples shipping with the game or "record and upload their own ... using a compatible USB microphone." Oh, and don't worry, lefties, the deck is flippable.

We'll be certain to give our hands-on scratch impressions next week at E3, where the unit will be available.

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