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Earthrise developers explain dodge game mechanics in PvP

James Egan

We're curious about how Earthrise, a post-apocalyptic 'sandbox' MMO from Masthead Studios, is shaping up, especially after the preview of the game we got at GDC 2009. Fortunately the game's creators have been running a Question of the Week forum category, explaining some of the game mechanics involved with playing Earthrise.The latest QOTW deals with dodging in combat, something we've been wondering about, given that Masthead Studios previously stated they don't want players hopping around incessantly out on the battlefield.

Jumping will of course be used to avoid damage or cross distances at a quicker pace but, if their original intentions hold true now, jumping and perhaps dodging will be tied in with abilities. Earthrise community manager Moll answers this question: "Will attacks and skills that do damage from a distance have instant effect or will a target perhaps be able to see it coming and have a slim possibility to dodge it completely?"

Moll writes: "Most attacks especially dealt by close and mid-range projectile weaponry will have instant effect on the opponent. Targets won't be able to dodge those attacks if the attacker is aiming properly at them at the moment of attacking. Long-range weaponry and some weapons of mass destruction will have execution timers, which is a period between the moment of shooting and the moment of applying the effect. Such attacks that deal area damage or additional effects will be possible to dodge by moving quickly out of its intended attack area."

The Earthrise community is discussing how these announced game mechanics will impact PvP on the game's official forums.

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