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Jay-Z / Eminem limited edition DJ Hero planned, Rappin' Rodney Dangerfield can't be far behind


Bedroom DJs who can't actually be bothered to, you know, mix records and such: You're gonna be thrilled by this next bit of news. According to USA Today, Jay-Z and Eminem have joined our man DJ Shadow in attaching their names (and beats) to Activision's latest. The special-edition release of DJ Hero will reportedly bundle greatest hits CDs from both artists, a limited edition controller, a "DJ stand" (whatever that is -- perhaps a gilded pedestal like the one Sven Vath performs on?) and a metal traveling case. If you're into this sort of thing, hit up the gallery of screenshots below, and do make sure you peep Shadow's lengthy interview with Game Informer, where he goes over his involvement with the project in significant detail. Trust us, it's quite a read.

Gallery: DJ Hero screenshots | 5 Photos

[Via Joystiq]

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