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Yoichi Wada declares industry ready for the next stage

Majed Athab

Great minds across the industry all seem to agree: Video games are heading into a new era. President of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada (pictured, right), has proven he too belongs to this school of thought, sharing his musings on the coming of a "second stage of growth" for the industry. Wada says it's a combination of the platform having stabilized as a mainstream form of entertainment and the leveling off of demand (as it's reached its limit), that will load gaming into the next level.

"From now on, it will grow further as an established mainstream entertainment, and there will be further convergence of media and entertainment," said Wada. With that in mind, we'd like to point out that proof of accelerated convergence is already happening in the industry. It looks like the gears are all set; all that's left is to turn them.

[Via Edge-Online]

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