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New SWTOR video explores Trooper class development

Kyle Horner

BioWare offers us a look into the development and philosophy behind the Trooper class for Star Wars: The Old Republic in their latest Developer Dispatch video. They explore the different looks a Trooper can sport, which is everything from Hoth stormtrooper inspired snow gear to the Rebel forces' reds, oranges and whites. Of course, there's plenty of fresh looks as well, for players desiring a less traditional look.

The video also goes into the animation of the Trooper and reveals a little of the motion capture sessions complete with prop miniguns. It's quite easily one of the most interesting videos to come out of the Star Wars: The Old Republic project, so we hope that BioWare sees fit to do the same for each of their classes in the coming months. You can find the full video after the break.

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