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PSP Go revealed in June issue of Qore [update]

Update: A video from the June issue of Qore is now available on YouTube (and after the jump). In the video, Qore host Veronica Belmont discusses the new PSP Go handheld with Sony's John Koller who mentions the handheld (which features 16GB of internal storage, a memory slot for expandable memory and bluetooth) will not replace the current PSP-3000 -- they will coexist.

According to Koller, new titles will be revealed for the platform at E3, specifically: a new Metal Gear Solid and Jak & Daxter. Also, expect Sony's E3 briefing to mention Jak & Daxter PSP (announced previously) and Gran Turismo PSP -- which has been known since the birth of the platform. Get those bingo cards out, kids!

Original Article: According to images grabbed by the Gaming Console Network, PS3's virtual magazine (Qore) made its latest issue available early and revealed the (long-rumored) PSP revision. As rumors and mockups theorized, the PSP Go in the images features no UMD drive and a sliding screen. It also features a single (and poorly positioned) analog stick. Adding fuel to the fire, PlayStation LifeStyle has posted an image it states is of the actual retail packaging for the soon-to-be announced handheld iteration -- and both designs match.

As we have not been able to spot the images on Qore our self, we're calling this rumor. It appears, with the video, PSP Go is all but confirmed. Only a few days until we find out if the madness is true.

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[Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Via GameTrailers Forum. Image Credit: Eurogamer]

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