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Star Wars Galaxies gets a new community relations manager

William Dobson

The Star Wars Galaxies forum regulars have welcomed a new community relations manager named Draakull to their ranks, who will be taking over for previous CRM Zatozia. Draakull made an introductory post and explained how MMOs have played a big part in his life, primarily because of the communities he's been involved with. Online friends helped him through some hard times when he didn't have support in the real world, and now he's ready to give back to the SWG community by performing in his new role as best he can.

Draakull has only been the CRM for a few days, but he has already organized a couple of small events in his introduction thread and has gained a lot of fans. To see what he's got in store next, keep checking the thread, or simply stay tuned to the SWG forums -- you're bound to see his posts a lot from now on.

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