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The Daily Grind: Do you think EverQuest 3 will be announced at E3?

Lesley Smith

It's June once more and E3 is again upon us. Several members of the Massively team have jetted off to cover the event and there's bound to be some fantastic announcement and this also includes MMOs. For the last couple of weeks the interweb has been abuzz with speculation that SOE might actually get around to announcing EverQuest 3.

This is something we've talked about before and if you're going to announce any big new game, E3 is one of the biggest events to do it at. So, constant readers, what do you think? Is now the right time to expand Norrath? Do you think EQ3 will remain on PC or include other platforms like the PS3, a la Free Realms? Would you rather just stick with EQ2 for the time being or are you eager to see another incarnation of this classic franchise?

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