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Fujitsu brings M2010 netbook to North America, packs in few surprises


You know the basic rundown by heart by now, and Fujitsu doesn't stray far from the 10-inch netbook script with its newish M2010 "mini-notebook." The big "killer" features on display here include standard Bluetooth, three USB ports, a 50 second Windows XP start up time and a digital microphone. The $450 pricetag includes a 3 cell battery rated at 2.5 hours of computing, and you can nab a 6 cell to double your pleasure for $129. Fujitsu is aiming this one at educational markets, and is touting some beefed up build quality for handling the wear and tear, but we're not sure there's anything here that justifies the pricetag or the totally average weight and thickness. The single configuration should be available now online and at select retailers.

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