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Aion beta keys now in the wild, US beta confirmed

Lesley Smith

The Aion beta is fast approaching but you all knew that, right? Well confirmation came last night via the official NA Community Twitter page that keys for this weekend's event are now being distributed to thousands of lucky testers who took part in numerous giveaways. But that's not all. A couple of hours later aion_liv updated with a link to yet another beta giveaway, this time at confirming there will also be a US beta this weekend. However every one of the 5000 keys they were offering had gone in a matter of hours.

US players will be able to take part in their own beta test which follows the same lines as the EU: the chance to roll an angelic Elyos and level from 1 to 20 while exploring the zone of Eltnen. The US beta will begin at 12 noon PST on Friday, June 5, 2009 and conclude at 12 midnight on Sunday, June 7, 2009. More information about entering the US beta and respective giveaways can be found on the game's NA official site.

If you use Twitter and don't yet have a key to either beta, don't fret as both the Liv in the US and Ayase in the EU are tweeting about any beta giveaways so you might want to add them to your follower list, along with the game's producer Brian Knox and, for those in the EU, German Community manager Martin Rabl. If you have already entered a giveaway for a key - such as the one we held earlier in the week - you might also want to keep one eye on your inbox and keep checking you spam folder just in case.

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