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Hands-on: PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (PSP)


PixelJunk Monsters is certainly not the first tower defense game, but it's the game that popularized the genre on consoles. When it debuted on PlayStation Network last year, it became an instant hit. The game was easy to understand, but deceptively challenging, encouraging players to master each level to get that all-elusive rainbow.

The original PS3 game actually was playable on the PSP via Remote Play. However, Q Games is now making a proper PSP version that's optimized for the small screen. For example, the camera is now zoomed in closer to the character. While this means less of the map can be seen at once, it makes seeing the towers and choosing the right ones much easier. It may take some time for PixelJunk vets to get used to, especially when the screen scrolls trying to follow you.

The amount of content being offered in Deluxe is almost absurd, making it the most complete version of Monsters to date. Not only does the PSP game feature allt he content of the original PixelJunk Monsters, it also adds the Encore island and a brand new island exclusive to PSP. Ten new stages are added, in addition to new enemy types and towers.

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Fans of the original will remember that the best way to play was through co-op. Thankfully, the PSP version doesn't do away with that feature and will surprisingly offer Infrastructure online support, something even the PS3 version didn't have. We weren't able to try that functionality at the show, but we're sure it'll come in handy for those that don't have PSP-owning friends.

We weren't given any specific release or price info, but we do know that it will be a downloadable PSN game on PSP. Considering Deluxe includes the original game, expansion and brand new content, we feel as though Sony will charge around $20 for this one. Fans will know that this will easily be worth the price of entry.

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