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Overheard@E3: Doing his business while getting something down on paper


While relieving ourselves in the bathroom across the hall from the E3 media room, it sounded like someone was trying to unload in the stall. Not in the way one would normally expect from an attendee who had consumed mass quantities of coffee and convention center food. No, this guy was having a seriously legit business conversation. A loud, almost comical discussion where he was arguing the merits of a licensing deal with EA and about some of the general events going on at the show. If it sounds like we hung around the men's bathroom longer than we needed to just to see what he'd say next ... that would be absolutely right.

Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder that business folks shouldn't conduct conversations in the bathroom stalls during a media event. Especially when there are perv journalists standing around and listening to every word they say.

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