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Conceptronic shows off potent Yuixx media streamer at Computex

Darren Murph

Conceptronic has been doing a fairly admirable job with promoting itself as a serious player in the crowded media streamer market, and while its atypically designed Grab 'n Go was certainly worth a look at CES, it's the Yuixx that could really launch it into the next level. Shown over at Computex, this HD media streamer was loaded with broad format compatibility, Intel's fledgling CE 3100 media processor and support for Yahoo! widgets, TV tuning, a "Firefox-based" web browser, a 3.5-inch internal hard drive, WiFi and Ethernet. We're told that three variants will be made available for those looking for a more stripped-down version, and while an exact release date has yet to be set, an autumn introduction and a price range of around €250 ($354) to €450 ($638) is expected. Peek the read link for a few looks at the sleek user interface.

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