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Nintendo's Iwata: Wii could be around for three, five, or eight more years


He's still not firmly committing to quite as long a console lifespan as Microsoft and Sony have, but Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has now dropped word that the Wii could be around in its current state for longer than some may have suspected. In a wide ranging interview with VentureBeat, Iwata responded to a question about console life cycles by saying that when it comes to timing for a new Nintendo console launch, "it may be three years from now, five years from now or eight years from now." Iwata further went on to say that, "if we have an opportunity to make a new console, it will probably support HD," although he disappointingly added that Nintendo has "not found a significant reason" to make the current Wii HD-compatible "at this time."

[Via MCV]

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