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AutoLinQ initiative taps Android for new connected car initiative


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This is a bit of a wild one: some very disparate companies are (apparently) teaming up to conquer the car, Microsoft Sync style. Details are a bit slim at the moment, but Continental Auto Group has announced plans to build what they're calling "the connected car." The new hardware and software system "leverages" the Android Marketplace, and encompasses car-friendly APIs, car-specific in-vehicle apps and a touchscreen interface plugged into a system designed to pull data from the web and control internal car systems. On a sketchier front, Phandroid has done some mucking around, and seems to think Google, BMW, T-Mobile, Wind River and SVOX are all on the short list for involvement. It's hard to say exactly how likely that might be, but we're happy to dream electric dreams of an OHA-style Sync killer along with them. Another shot is after the break.

[Via Phandroid]

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