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Gears 2 Combustible map pack is Xbox's insulting deal of the week


Major Nelson brings word of another bad deal for Xbox's "deal of the week." The latest laughable offer is that the Gears of War 2 Combustible map pack is discounted from 800 ($10) to the jaw-dropping price of 560 ($7). Hold on, let us get the Sham Wow to absorb the drool of shock dribbling out of our mouths.

So, basically, if you haven't downloaded any of the new Gears of War 2 map packs yet, going online and downloading them breaks down like this:
  • Combustible maps (560 / $7) - available now
  • Snowblind maps (800 / $10) - available now
  • Dark Corners (1200 / $15) - available July 28
That comes to a grand total of $32 dollars, $12 more expensive than purchasing All Fronts, which includes all of this stuff (and more!) for 1600 ($20) when it releases July 28. It's a sucker punch (not the good kind) for this content to go on sale now.

[Add the Gears 2: Combustible Multiplayer Map Pack to your download queue ... although we recommend you don't.]

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