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Warriors: Legends of Troy is Dynasty Warriors for people who hate Dynasty Warriors

Jem Alexander

Koei has a reputation for being a Dynasty Warriors factory and, considering people in the West don't get the series, the company's offerings largely go unnoticed. Eager to change that, Koei discussed with us their plans to release a new game, Warriors: Legends of Troy, which will be a part of the Warriors series developed for PS3 and 360 by western developers with a western audience in mind.

The project is being handled by Koei Canada, a relatively new developer which started out life as a CG only studio, before becoming a software house in 2005. The company developed Fatal Inertia and ported Warriors Orochi over to the PSP, but Legends of Troy is their real coming out party.

Targeting a release around Spring of 2010, Warriors: Legends of Troy shifts the setting from the classic tale Romance of the Three Kingdoms -- which is far more well known in the East -- to the Trojan War. Koei Canada is hoping that this change in setting will make people in the West a lot more interested in the title. But that's not the only thing that makes it different from a Dynasty Warriors title.

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Not only is Warriors: Legends of Troy a Dynasty Warriors game for people who hate Dynasty Warriors, it's also by people who hate Dynasty Warriors. Koei Canada wants to reinvent the Warriors franchise with Legends of Troy. It wants a more strategic gameplay mechanic, rather than mindless hacking and slashing. At the same time the developers are intent on making the game accessible, whilst still making players think.

Legends of Troy will cover the entire length of the 10-year Trojan War, taking influence from mythology and contemporary literature such as the Iliad. There will be supernatural elements, such as interference from the Greek Gods, but these will handled appropriately. The characters you take control of, including Achilles and Odysseus, will find the Gods appropriately terrifying, should they appear to them.

Koei Canada's ability is unproven in the 3rd person action game genre, but even so we're actually quite intrigued by the title. We haven't seen any gameplay footage, so Koei Canada's Michael Bond's posturing is all we have to go off right now, but we're not hating the idea of seeing more of this game closer to its Spring 2010 release. Considering it's a Warriors game from Koei, that's a pretty big compliment. This might be a game to keep in your periphery for a while.

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