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Free Saint's Row 2 DLC arrives, XBL version is Gold member exclusive


Those of you looking to bling out your Saint's Row 2 characters with a bevvy of fancy new accoutrement need wait no longer, as Volition just released "The Unkut Pack" of free DLC this week. Virtual ganstas are now able to choose from "62 unique customization options" with "The Unkut Pack," though those of you without Gold acounts on Xbox Live won't be able to participate without ponying up for an upgraded membership, as the DLC is Gold member exclusive.

Peep the example gallery below for a few shots of the new duds, tats and "bigass chains," and check out the game's website for a full list of everything, if you're into that kind of thing. And revel in it, 'cause according to Volition, this is the "third and final DLC Pack for Saints Row 2." Saint's Row 3, anyone?

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