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Game Crazy releases useful retail app for iPhone


In the madness of E3, retailer Game Crazy released a nice little app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The impressive little program gives all the standard info we'd expect, but a nice touch is that it also gives users the current trade-in values and prices for used titles, there's even the option to view trailers.

The app is free and the only super useful function we noticed it's missing is the ability to give real-time information of titles in stock at stores. Currently, all it does is note the nearest Game Crazy location. We've contacted GameStop to find out if it has something similar in development, but knowing that corporation, we don't expect its app to give trade-in values. Actually, come to think of it, we halfway expect the GameStop app to ask if we'd want to pre-order anything before even opening.

[Thanks, Brian J.]

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