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Video: Scratch: The Ultimate DJ shows off its deck, new website

Kevin Kelly

The battle of the DJ games will be coming to a head soon, reminding of us when Armageddon went up against Deep Impact. But who's going to mix it up and come out on top here? Scratch: The Ultimate DJ just released a video that shows off some of the tech (and DJ know-how) that went into the Scratch Deck, and you can see how it stacks up against DJ Hero's controller.

Watch the video above and take a trip on their extremely urban adventure-themed website for more information. We like the addition of the separate drum pad to their deck, which DJ Hero has on the turntable with two fewer buttons. It's just that Scratch's characters look like they need to eat a sandwich or two. Numark calls the turntable the "first and only legitimate DJ controller for video gamers."

We're reserving judgment on these two until we can play them side by side, but the video above gives us a bit more confidence in Scratch. Now, let's see some more gameplay.

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