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DDD CEO talks the future of 3D HDTV


On the 3D movement, DDD has consistently been a step ahead so far, shipping add-on hardware for Samsung televisions and jumping on the bandwagon in Japan, but if you're still unsure about its impact check out this interview with I4U. Unfortunately there's no new details on the latest 2d-to-3D hardware we're waiting on, but CEO Chris Yewdall drops science on glasses free 3D, new laptops on the way from Acer and 3D gaming. Most notable are his comments that users are happy to wear glasses, given the much greater resolution experienced compared to autostereoscopic solutions, plus the company's open approach to porting PC games to its TriDef Ignition platform allowing enthusiasts to create a profile and use any display with their solution. That enough info to have you itching for a 3D TV?

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