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DosPara's Prime Note Cresion NA "netbook" pairs Ion with Atom 330


Apparently not one to be confined to the usual "netbook" considerations, Japan's DosPara has now gone out and broken a few rules with its new Prime Note Cresion NA model, which not only packs a larger than usual 12-inch display, but a nettop-specific dual-core Atom 330 processor as well. That gets paired with NVIDIA's Ion chipset, along with 2GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, your choice of built-in optical drive, a memory card reader, and an HDMI port, to name but a few less than standard netbook features. Of course, all of that comes with a fairly significant increase to the size and weight of the laptop, but at least the ¥59,980 price tag (or just about $600) isn't too unreasonable.


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