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Trophies: CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars


0 Platinum
1 Gold
3 Silver
8 Bronze
Difficulty: Moderate
Online Trophies? Yes
Time to Completion: 30 hours
DLC Trophies? No
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Gold Trophy

Score 1,000,000 points

Silver Trophies

Arena Master
Perform 5 kills without getting killed in a ranked match

Get 100 kills in ranked matches

All Rewards Unlocked
Unlock all Rewards

Bronze Trophies

Tutorial Completed
Complete the tutorial for each character

First Blood
Try to be the first one that kills an enemy in challenge mode

Ability First Kill
Perform a kill using your ability for the first time in challenge mode
Challenges Master
Win Death Match without being killed in a challenge

Ability Master
Perform 10 frags in a row with only your abilities in challenge mode
BlackOp Campaign Completed
Complete all challenges in the BlackOp Campaign

Bishop Campaign Completed
Complete all challenges in the Bishop Campaign

Guardian Campaign Completed
Complete all challenges in the Guardian Campaign

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