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Atari responds to missing multiplayer in Ghostbusters PC


We suppose it's a little ironic that the multiplayer for the PC version of Ghostbusters is little more than a phantom. That is to say that the PC version doesn't actually have multiplayer at all, a fact our compatriots at Big Download reported earlier this week. Naturally, PC gamers probably have a few questions about this, chief among them being, "What gives?"

When asked by Big Download for a response, Atari sent along comments from Dan Irish, CEO of Threewave, the game's multiplayer developer. According to Irish, Threewave had intended to create multiplayer for both consoles and the PC, but eventually decided to focus on the console versions in order to keep the quality bar as high as possible. According to Irish, if the company had attempted to develop both the PC and console versions simultaneously, "something would have to suffer."

Probably not the answer PC players were hoping for. Another question that has yet to be answered, according to Big Download, is whether Atari and Threewave have any plans to add multiplayer in the future.

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