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Ask Engadget HD: Best HDTV & secondary video editing monitor for my Macbook Pro?


This week we'll be appealing to all the prosumers out there, one of your own is looking for some assistance, needing a HDTV not just for play, but also for work. We've schooled on the differences between monitors & HDTVs before, and picked out 40-inch+ models with PC inputs, but see what you can do for John's specific requirements:

"My situation is this: I would like to combine my purchase of a new HD television as both an entertainment unit and a secondary monitor for my computer. I am a freelance video editor, shoot in HD (1080), and use a Macbook Pro 15" (2.4 ghz). I see 32" model as the right size/price range, and I will be sitting between 2-3 feet away from the screen when editing. Given all this context, my questions are these:
1. What features should I weigh most? (refresh rate, mhz, brand)
2. Given this screen size/viewing distance, does the 720p/1080p difference matter much?
I will begin seriously shopping around later this year, but would like some background knowledge before I start talking with sales reps."

Any of you making high definition movies instead of just watching them? Let us, and John, know what you look for in a display in the comments.

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