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AT&T iPhone customers: tethering is coming, for a price


Citing an exclusive source from within AT&T, appmodo reports that "tethering support is coming later this summer" is AT&T-speak for "tethering support is coming at the end of July."

It won't be coming cheaply, however; appmodo's source says a tethering option will cost AT&T customers a whopping $55 a month.

While this is cheaper than the $70 rumor that's been making the rounds, it still strikes me as ridiculous that AT&T is charging additional money for this option in the first place. Considering their "unlimited" data plan is reportedly only unlimited until you reach 5 GB or so in any given month, it seems preposterous for AT&T to charge their customers an extra fee to use the iPhone to access the internet via tethering. But, since AT&T's wrangling caused Skype to be restricted to WiFi only and SlingPlayer Mobile to be almost totally crippled compared to the same software on different models of smartphones running on AT&T's network, perhaps this shouldn't come as a surprise.

With all the negative press AT&T has been getting over the past week, I have to wonder: what do they have against the iPhone?

Editor's Note: As many of our commenters have pointed out, several other sites have posted instructions and a hacked carrier file to allow tethering on AT&T-activated iPhones immediately; some have linked to an application that allows one-click tethering. We encourage anyone who is trying one of these procedures to be cautious in your network usage, as you may rapidly run afoul of your contract terms with your carrier.

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