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Engadget Podcast 151 - 06.19.2009

Trent Wolbe

It's been one hell of a month, hasn't it? New Palm phones, new iPhones, a big Kindle, that Natal thing... LL Cool J. Yes, a lot has happened in the past few weeks, and it's tough to contain all of that activity inside one teensy podcast -- but we've tried. Join Josh, Paul, and Nilay for another adventurous adventure through time, space, and love as they explore the deeper meanings of the cosmos, the universe, and consumer facing gadgetry. If you don't love the way you feel after listening to this thing, you may already be a zombie.

We had some issues with the MP3 of the podcast -- should be working now. Ping us if you have trouble!

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: Viva La Vida

Hear the podcast

00:02:05 - iPhone 3G S review
00:13:47 - Video: Josh, Jimmy Fallon, and the iPhone 3 Ga-Speed
00:25:54 - MacBook Pro (mid 2009) in-depth impressions
00:41:30 - Nokia N97 hands-on and impressions
00:45:12 - LL Cool J's hilariously aggressive N97 ad: "don't call it a comeback"
00:50:20 - WebOS homebrewers say 'Hello World!' to Palm Pre
00:58:00 - Pre gets NES emulation in Linux; our thumbs are in for a world of hurt
00:59:18 - Amazon Kindle DX unboxing and hands-on!
01:06:30 - Project Natal basis for new Xbox console coming Fall 2010?
01:06:50 - Like weeds: new Natal Xbox rumor shot down, 3D Xbox rumor pops up to take its place
01:07:35 - Project Natal recognizing retail shelves in 2010, says Ballmer (update: maybe not)
01:09:50 - Johnny Chung Lee joins Project Natal team, puts Wii hacking experience to good use
01:13:17 - Olympus E-P1 'digital Pen' gets official, so does our lust
01:15:25 - Olympus E-P1 video samples posted, camera turns up in ad-within-an-ad Blendtec spot
01:19:00 - Engadget Chinese goes hands-on with the Olympus E-P1
01:20:00 - Adamo redux: Dell teases new thin-and-light laptops in Paris with no specs

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1-888-ENGADGET or podcast (at) engadget (dot) com.

Twitter: @joshuatopolsky @futurepaul @reckless @engadget

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