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ESRB: Buzz Jr. RoboJam, SingStar Sampler Pack coming to the US


A few more discoveries were made today off the ESRB website. Looks like American PS3 owners will be able to download Buzz Jr. RoboJam off the PSN some time soon. The family friendly PSN game is a port of a PS2 game with the same name and has some of the easiest Trophies around. It'll require the Buzz! buzzers though, so many trophy hunters will be out of luck.

A new SingStar game has also been discovered on the ESRB. The SingStar Sampler Pack looks to be yet another expansion to the franchise, this time featuring David Bowie, Fergie, Amy Winehouse, Rockwell, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Finally, long-lost PSN game topatoi looks like it may actually be coming out. You can watch the bizarre promo trailer here and check out our gallery.


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