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Mulleted mystery man invents PC VR Game Gun

It's an indisputable fact that magical things can come in mullet-clad packages. The collected works of Billy Ray Cyrus, the 1994 hit Beastie Boys track "Mullet Head" -- and now, from yet another unlikely, mulleted source: The PC VR Game Gun. If you'd like to cast off the veil of time and peer into the unthinkable future of video gaming, the YouTube video posted after the break should serve as an adequate portal into the world of things yet to come.

By merging a toy gun, a PC gamepad, a LCD screen and a Gyration Air Mouse, the nameless modder created a pretty clever (and relatively inexpensive) head tracking system that's just perfect for first-person shooters -- especially F.E.A.R. on the highest difficulty setting. Sorry -- you can't play it on easy. The gun runs on extreme high octane action.

[Via Engadget]

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