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CATSeye Mk2 tracking device takes the smaller, more waterproof route

Ross Miller

Okay, so if you thought the CATSeye matchbox-sized tracking device was a bit too big or cumbersome, the gang is back with something decidedly smaller and more discrete. Introducing the CATS.i, also known as CATSeye Mk2. It's got all the same functionality as its predecessor -- GPS, GSM/GPRS, RF, internet / SMS controls, etc. -- but is now only eight millimeters thick (or twelve if you chose the thinner "folded over" arrangement) and completely waterproof. Power options include a Li-ion battery, solar power, or any number of other ways you can think to run juice. Have an urge to keep track of all your family members and loved ones even more secretly than before? The new devices ship next month.

[Via NaviGadget]

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