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Rumor: Command & Conquer 4 could feature persistent RPG mechanics

Jem Alexander

Well? How about it? If this online survey -- conducted by British marketing firm 2CV -- is to be believed, the next Command & Conquer game could feature "innovative" RPG features, as well as co-operative multiplayer. The survey goes on to suggest that the RPG features will be persistent throughout your entire C&C4 career, with experience points accumulating constantly over successive games, allowing you to unlock new "units, powers and upgrades."

The survey also mentions taking control of "the first ever mobile base in RTS games" (guess they didn't play Warcraft 3, then,) as well as a class system, co-op gameplay and 5-v-5 multiplayer. Basically, it sounds like an MMO. Is that what you want from the next Command & Conquer? Be sure to let EA know.

Of course, none of these features are confirmed and any number of them could be shelved between now and the game actually being announced. Check out the second screenshot after the break for the full list of potential features.

[Thanks Jake!]

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