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The Daily Grind: Asmodian or Elyos?

Lesley Smith

When I first heard about Aion: Tower of Eternity, my first thought aside from "wow" was "I'm so going to play Elyos". It was the wings, you see, and I always seem to play on the 'good side'. However, having now played both sides, I'm torn. I love the look of the Elyos and their angelic society, but I also appreciate the struggles of the Asmodians. Plus they do that groovy glowing-eyes-in-combat thing which just looks awesome. I might just roll one of each. I was curious to see a lot of people loitering in Pandaemonium over the weekend advertising their Elyos guilds and the same thing happened during CBT1 but with Elyos advertising their Asmodian ones.

So now you've had a chance to play both factions from Aion: Tower of Eternity I'm curious to know whether you will still roll (insert your faction here) or whether you've had a change of heart. Does a particular faction's lore or locale grab you more or have you just bonded with your avatar so much that you can't dream of defecting to the other side? If you've not changed your mind, are you going to stick with your avatar during CBT3? Were you glad the Aion devs allowed you to play Elyos this weekend or were you glad you could finally roll that Asmodian? Speak up, readers, and let us know what you think.

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