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Take-Two: Agent is about espionage, set in the '70s

Jem Alexander

Agent will be "a game about espionage, set in the 1970s" and will be "very, very different" from Grand Theft Auto, according to Take-Two's CEO, Ben Feder, in an interview with Eurogamer. Yeah, it's not much, but at least it's more than a name. He goes on to discuss the success of GTA IV and Chinatown Wars, and gives his refreshing take on the role of censorship in the video game industry.

Feder also discussed exclusivity in the industry today, calling them "relationship and contractual matters," where much information is left undisclosed. With regards to the PS3 exclusivity of Agent, Feder says the company "won't disclose anything beyond what we've already said." Though he does go on to say that "it's important for us to be with Sony, and it's important for Sony, I think, to be with us." As for whether the GTA IV DLC packs will come to the PS3? "We don't talk about that, unfortunately."

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