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ZEN Pinball is top downloaded PSN game in May


Looks like our glowing preview of ZEN Pinball paid off for Zen Studios. The first (and only) pinball game on the PlayStation Network met an incredible debut, taking the top spot in May. Perhaps the free demo, which showcased the game's solid physics engine and graphics, convinced gamers to go for the full version?

According to GamerBytes, Zen Studios' Pinball FX did "similarly well" on Xbox Live Arcade. That game went on to sell 250,000 units over time -- perhaps ZEN Pinball can meet an equally favorable fate? In addition to ZEN, the rest of the top 5 included many PSN mainstays:
  1. ZEN Pinball
  2. Worms
  3. Mortal Kombat II
  4. Wheel of Fortune
  5. Flower
For the rest of the top 10, and more analysis of PSN sales, check out GamerBytes.

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