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Jonathan Blow on indies, games as art, storytelling


Speaking to the adorably named Press Pause to Reflect, Jonathan Blow -- creator of Braid -- had a few things to say about independent games, as well as the game industry in general. The remarks that most will probably focus on concern the debate over games as art. When asked what it will take for games to be considered works of art, Blow said, "All that needs to happen is for game developers to do more-serious work." He elaborated that currently "the work isn't there," adding that the industry, by and large, is about "pandering and infantilism." Assuming game designers can overcome that, said Blow, "We will find that there is an audience out there that takes us seriously."

Blow also discussed the methods of game storytelling -- taking a moment to defend the dated and often maligned use of text instead of cut-scenes -- and how services like XBLA and PSN are affecting the independent games business.

Finally, when asked about his next game, Blow said that he currently has four games prototyped, though he has yet to decide which one will become his next project.

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