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Mark Jacobs explains departure from Mythic and EA

Mark Jacobs' unforeseen exit from Warhammer Online developer Mythic, a departure made known during the revelation of the BioWare/Mythic merger, left many fans and colleagues stunned and confused. In a lengthy post on his personal blog, Jacobs explained the reasoning for his evacuation -- he actually left the company early in May, when EA informed him that "they wanted to make some changes within the Games Label." Since that day, he's been out of contact from the rest of the Mythic team.

However, he's not ready to talk smack about the gaming industry juggernaut that forced the changes upon his studio -- Jacobs explained, "Over my 23 years of making games professionally I have refrained from attacking the competition, former and/or current partners, other game developers," and so on. You're a stronger man than us, Mr. Jacobs.

[Via Massively]

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