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Earthrise wallpapers show Eastern Gardens denizens and tamed mutants

James Egan

Masthead Studios just got in touch with us and sent over two new wallpapers for their upcoming post-apocalyptic game Earthrise. One image shows off a group of kabuki-masked freaks denizens of the Eastern Gardens, one of the more outwardly utopian zones to be found in Earthrise's island setting of Enterra.

The second depicts a Continoma soldier, an enforcer of the ruling technocratic elite, face to face with a cybernetically-muzzled mutant. We're not sure if the game's mutants were once human beings, but that metallic covering is actually bolted into the thing's skull, which is much clearer in the max resolution shots they sent over. You can click on the images for larger versions of each, or flip through our gallery with multiple resolutions. Enjoy the eye candy.


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