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Samsung Strut still coming to Verizon?

Chris Ziegler

We're hearing a couple interesting tidbits of information from the same ultra-reliable tipster with regard to the Samsung Strut -- an LG Lotus-esque QWERTY clamshell that would fill a form factor gap in Verizon's lineup (albeit a form factor that didn't really exist a few months ago). First off, the tipster tells us that he's starting to see accessories flow in that specifically list Strut compatibility; this doesn't necessarily mean anything since none of the accessories are exclusive to the Strut, but it's interesting nonetheless. On the flipside, he also tells us that the Strut firmware in Verizon's system is nearly a frickin' year old, which is pushing the boundaries of a phone that the carrier would still be planning to release. At this point, it's entirely possible the phone got canned at some point along the way -- but it's also possible it'll launch any day now. Anyone super excited about it either way?

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