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The Daily Grind: What are your summer plans?

Brooke Pilley

The summer solstice occurred just over a week ago and it seems like Mother Nature finally stopped slacking and caught up with the season. This has led to a number of us talking about sweltering heatwaves and chaotic storms around the Massively office lately. They seem to be having a positive effect, which rings especially true for this northerner who is usually forced to wear a toque for over half the year.

It also got us wondering: What are your summer plans? Do they involve beaches, books, or barbecues? What about baseball, birdwatching, and beer? (PS. Never mix those last two - trust me.) There sure are a lot of summer-y things that start with the letter B. Biking, bocce, baking on a backyard blanket... Okay, that was a stretch.

One activity that doesn't start with a B is playing MMOs. What MMOs do you have on tap this summer? Will you pillage Land of the Dead in Warhammer Online? Participate in the Aion beta events? Tickle yourself pink in Free Realms? Obsess over every Star Wars: The Old Republic tidbit? Turn enemies into space junk (and then salvage that space junk) in EVE Online? Enquiring minds want to know!

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