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Toy Story Mania & G-Force games to include 3-D glasses at retail

Disney has sent word that two of its upcoming releases, Toy Story Mania! and G-Force, will each include two sets of 3-D glasses at retail. When Toy Story Mania! was first announced in March, Disney told us it was on the fence about including the glasses right away.

Both games offer unique features for use with the spectacles. In Toy Story Mania! two players can wear the glasses in a specific 3-D enhanced game mode, while G-Force will allow a spectator to view the onscreen action in 3-D. Of course, if the future of all entertainment is too much for some gamers to handle, the feature can be manually disabled. G-Force is scheduled to hit stores alongside the movie -- on which the game is based -- in July, while Toy Story Mania! ships this fall.

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