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European Fields of Honor Loot Card winners announced

Lesley Smith

This morning's EU loot card giveaway had over 1500 entries! Not bad for the hottest day of the year and midweek! I'm quite impressed and there were some pretty funny comments in there as well. A lot of people want the giant, er, male rooster.

Well we /rolled and came up with three lucky winners who will be receiving an email shortly. You might want to check out Turpster's informative video post from this last night which walks you through how redeem loot cards as well as gratuiteous scenes of a giant chicken being ridden by a gnome. Definitely NSFW.

So, without further a do, /drumroll. The lucky winners are:
Max is the proud owner of the must-have chicken mount El Pollo Grande
can now bash the Ogre Pinata to his heart's content
has bagged the groovy Path of Cenarius
Congratulations to all and thanks once again to Tom at Upper Deck International's UK office.

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